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The Success Chronicles Podcast: 

I recently had a conversation with Chip Baker from The Success Chronicles to discuss my story of healing and what I'm doing to help others with my platform, Hope for Invisible Wounds. 

BizCommunicator: IABC Podcast

We’re halfway through 2020 and we couldn't have imagined in our wildest dreams what a rollercoaster ride this year would be. A global pandemic, social unrest, a struggling economy, and millions out of work — it’s unimaginable. Courtney speaks with Austin Staton about tools and resources to stay mentally healthy.

#SHEROproject: Story of thriving with Thrive Global

A detailed look into my struggle with childhood abuse from my stepmother following the death of my mother. This conversation with Ariana Huffington's publication was raw and hurt a little, but was ultimately uplifting to get it off my chest!

This is My Brave Guest Blog: How diet helps my anxiety

The story of my struggle with anxiety and how small changes in my diet have greatly improved my mental health

Healing Invisible Wounds with emotional intelligence

Courtney Kessenich has struggled with anxiety her entire life and using her platform to promote her Hope for Invisible Wounds initiative, which aims to break the stigma around anxiety and inspire others to get the help they need. 

Webinar: Culture of Care - Hows Comms Pros Can Address Mental Health in the Workplace

A free webinar hosted by IABC Houston on ways we can help build a corporate culture of care for the whole person, and how to combine your professional life with a personal cause.