Giving a Speech

Confidence Building

Working with girls and women in pageantry and their careers to develop their confidence both onstage and off, Courtney offers workshops to help develop your "why," so you can confidently walk into a room with pride. If you'd like to work with Courtney, send an email to

Young People at a Workshop

Storytelling Saves Lives

Sharing personal stories of overcoming has a positive impact by allowing those suffering to see that seeking care can help them, but also it has a healing effect on the storytelling that not many people are aware. Courtney has been helping others share their stories on her Spinning through Life blog since 2017. If you'd like to share your story of healing and hope, send Courtney an email and she can help you find your voice to help advocate for others!

Building our Emotional Intelligence

Having an understanding of your emotional intelligence (EQ) and building it has been shown to help with mental wellness. Courtney is certified to provide emotional intelligence training by global EG firm Six Seconds and offers individual workshops on to help you determine your emotional intelligence and how to continue to grow in this area. If you'd like Courtney to help you or your group work through an EQ training, email her to set up a training!